Published: Tue, September 26, 2017
Sport | By Billy Aguilar

Did John Cena Just Retire From WWE?

Did John Cena Just Retire From WWE?

The match had an incredible vibe from the start, with Reigns ostensibly ready to take over as the true face of the WWE.

Things didn't exactly get off to the most rousing start, with Jason Jordan suffering through a flurry of boos during his I.C. Title match with The Miz, before taking to the mic and, well, totally sucking. And given how much help Miz has surrounding him at ringside, odds are stacked against Jordan. Strowman is similarly a one-trick pony, able to get his share of oohs and ahhs with impactful power moves, but otherwise not giving you much to get too excited about. Miz goes to work as the crowd chants "Who's your daddy?". Wyatt talked on the mic about what he did to the fans' "hero" and called Balor a "coward".

-Finn Balor beat Bray Wyatt, though Wyatt did look good in the match.

RAW Tag Team champions and former Shield comrades Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose will go toe-to-toe with former champions Cesaro and Sheamus. The challengers really worked over the champions in this match. "The next step is for him to see a maxillofacial surgeon today, most likely removing the teeth and then having some implants made". The spot of the match was Sheamus hitting White Noise on Ambrose and Cesaro immediately followed by powerbombing Rollins off the second rope and onto Ambrose below.

The close saw a savvy champion manage to elude Nia charging at her in the corner.

John Cena recently returned to WWE Raw as a free agent and had an interesting segment with Roman Reigns. That wasn't enough to pin Cena, though.

John Cena was beaten by Roman Reigns in a match that appeared to see the veteran say goodbye to the fans. But in a spurt of action, each man almost pinned the other, with Cena successfully landing a AA and then Reigns a Superman punch. Reigns had defeated John Cena clean in the middle of the ring.

Reigns will go from tangling with Cena to trading verbal shots with The Miz. Was this Cena saying he's leaving for a bit?

There's a new man atop of the Cruiserweight division after Enzo Amore sprang something of a surprise by downing Neville, who has dominated the purple brand for nearly all of 2017.

Enzo did what he's continued to do since joining the Cruiserweight Division-he cheated to win. What they're doing with Enzo is still confusing, but him winning a singles title just three months after the breakup with Cass is surprising and a good sign for him, despite whatever heat he may be facing in the back.

Jordan continues to wear down Miz by hitting suplex after suplex. Strowman was given five German sup lexes by Lesnar and he hit F-5 for the pin.

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