Published: Tue, September 12, 2017
Tech | By Dwayne Harmon

Destiny 2 Reaches 1.2 Million Concurrent Players Worldwide

Destiny 2 Reaches 1.2 Million Concurrent Players Worldwide

Destiny 2 won't be launching on Steam, which means some Steam loyalists may not jump on board.

No sales figures have been announced by publisher Activision or by Bungie, but two days after the launch, the company welcomed millions of players into the game.

While those many players are busying themselves with the now available content, just today we heard the confirmation of the first DLC expansion Curse of Osiris, even if we still don't know when it's coming.

58 percent of the retail sales of the game in the United Kingdom were for the PS4 version. There are a few factors in this situation. Video games are a business though, and it seems as though this is not denting Destiny 2's popularity one bit. In addition, digital sales are much bigger piece of the pie now than they were in 2014. Watch Dogs 2 was down 80 percent in the United Kingdom compared to the first game and Titanfall 2 was off nearly 75 percent, despite both being better games overall. A PC version is slated to hit shelves on October 24.

According to developer Bungie, who tweeted the information on Saturday, Destiny 2 had over 1.2 million concurrent players online. There's now no way to check how many players are anticipating that version and simply waiting it out. One user in the forum thread suggested activating port forwarding on the router for the PS4 Pro and it helped resolve his issue.

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