Published: Mon, September 11, 2017
Culture | By Antonia Gonzales

After waiting in line for hours, man offers last generator to stranger

After waiting in line for hours, man offers last generator to stranger

With Hurricane Irma barreling toward the region, Brekke had been frantically trawling the area for a generator that she hoped would secure her father's oxygen supply should his Sanford home lose power.

After Santiago's act of kindness went viral, the store's manager notified him that a new generator was available later in the day on Friday and that she would give it to him free of charge.

Pam Brekke was next in line for a generator and then turned away in tears when the last one sold.

A stranger, Ramon Santiago, who at the time didn't know why Brekke was crying, randomly approached her with his generator, and offered it to his fellow Floridian. He walked up and insisted she take his.

She said today that she'd traveled more than 30 miles to Orlando to a Lowe's Home Improvement store that had received a surprise shipment of a little more than 200 generators. "It's okay. No worry for them", Santiago said.

A generous man has handed over the last generator in a U.S. store to a crying woman.

Despite a language barrier, Brekke was able to thank Santiago and the two shared a hug.

"I'm very overwhelmed by that man", Brekke said, again fighting back tears.

"God will bless that man", she added. "He's helping our family", Brekke exclaimed. Without a generator to keep machines going, her father could die.

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