Published: Thu, August 10, 2017
Culture | By Antonia Gonzales

You Won't Believe What 'Game Of Thrones' Costumes Are From IKEA

You Won't Believe What 'Game Of Thrones' Costumes Are From IKEA

Bosses at Ikea said today that sales of its rugs were set to soar after a "huge increase" in online searches after it was revealed that character Jon Snow and members of the Night's Watch wore them as part of their costumes.

During a 2016 talk at Los Angeles' Getty Museum that's now starting to go viral, chief costume designer and three-time Emmy victor Michele Clapton explained that some of the fur on those capes has a distinctly, well, Swedish origin.

If you thought that the capes and cloaks you see in Game of Thrones are made from the finest cotton, intricately woven by a 90-year-old tailor with 200 years of experience - y'know what I mean - you thought wrong. Clapton explains, "We take anything we can". But, if you're looking to play Jon Snow for Halloween, or simply want to bring some Game of Thrones goodness into your space, then head to your local Ikea. But every budget has its breaking point, and helping to keep the HBO show's costs at a reported $10 million per episode is a clever hack hidden in plain sight: Those big, shaggy capes worn by the men and women of Westeros are nothing more than Ikea rugs.

Breakdown refers to the process costume designers and prop artists use to make items look distressed and aged.

"Here they were waxed and frosted to pair with the landscape", the costume designer adds. Publications including The Cut and Esquire speculated that the carpet was either the trendy but affordable Tejn or the slightly upgraded version of the rug called Rens. But who can forget the good ol' days?

As King in the North, Jon spends a lot of time outside, in the freezing cold, wearing a furry cape.

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