Published: Sat, August 12, 2017
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Vehicle plunges 7 floors from parking garage in Texas

Vehicle plunges 7 floors from parking garage in Texas

In a scene reminiscent of a Hollywood blockbuster, a woman's vehicle dramatically fell seven stories out of a Texas parking lot and smashed into the pavement, with the driver trapped inside.

Jaw-dropping surveillance video shows the BMW coupe crashing head first into an alley in downtown Austin - only a few feet away from William Burch, who was in his Chevrolet Tahoe at the time.

The BMW came to rest upside down on its roof.

The clip, released by Austin Police Department on Thursday, shows a Chevrolet Tahoe 4X4 about to turn around when the BMW falls onto the ground front wheels first just yards from the other vehicle. Police say the woman mistook the gas pedal for the brake and crashed through the parking garage barriers.

"I was talking to my mom on speaker on my phone, and I heard all these loud noises and bangs", he said.

The woman driving the BMW mistook the gas pedal for the brake, sending the vehicle flying off the roof deck, according to police.

Surveillance video shows the auto hit the pavement after a seven-storey plunge from a downtown parking garage and striking another vehicle as it lands in the alley.

Moments later, people run to help the driver escape.

The garage was cited by Austin officials last September over unsafe barrier cable systems.

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