Published: Sun, August 13, 2017
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Trump'surprised' by Federal Bureau of Investigation search of Manafort home

Trump'surprised' by Federal Bureau of Investigation search of Manafort home

On Wednesday, The Washington Post broke the news that Federal Bureau of Investigation agents acting on a search warrant obtained by Special Counsel Robert Mueller conducted an early morning "no knock" raid on Manafort's Alexandria, Va. home on July 26. And a slew of recent reports indicate Mueller's team is tightening the vise on the former campaign chairman. Maloni said Mueller's history there had nothing to do with why Manafort was shifting firms, however. In recent weeks, President Trump has blasted the Russian Federation investigation as a "witch hunt" and flirted with the idea of firing Justice Department leaders as a roundabout way to get rid of Mueller himself.

Turley is not the first political commentator to draw a comparison between the Trump White House and the gory HBO series, as former presidential Democratic presidential candidate Al Gore had a similar observation.

Trump, responding to news of the raid, said, "I was very, very surprised to see it...."

Newton Leroy Gingrich is the last guy to be judging integrity.

As the investigation on Capitol Hill continues, ABC News has recently reported that the Trump campaign sent more than 20,000 pages of documents to a Congressional committee on August 2, the deadline to submit documents to the committee.

Asked if he had talked to Attorney General Jeff Sessions or anyone at the Federal Bureau of Investigation about the Manafort raid, Trump said he had not.

President Trump has repeatedly shown his disdain for our law enforcement system. Sessions has said he has no plans to resign, and last week he announced that the Justice Department was cracking down on leaks. A new head of that office will need to be appointed (or Mueller reappointed) to continue the investigation.

Oh, well, if Andy McCarthy says it, Newt, it must be gospel. "Well, I've been reading about it from you people". The Senate Watergate hearings, the House impeachment proceedings and the Watergate special prosecutor investigation were at different stages than today's congressional and special counsel probes.

Trump was also asked about the status of his relationship with Sessions, whom Trump has criticized in statements and tweets since the attorney general recused himself from the Russian Federation investigation. It was a foreign adversary's cyber-assault on America's core democratic principle that Trump has yet to denounce.

In the context of Manafort's home being raided, these tweets can be construed as yet another attempt by Trump to intimidate the officials involved in the investigation into his campaign, and another attempt to interfere with that investigation. "When the feds have got you, they've got you, You're just...botched in".

Paul Manafort's spokesman said Friday his decision to change up his legal team had to do with the changing face of the investigation looking at whether he committed any crimes during President Donald Trump's campaign.

In an email sent to a Wall Street Journal reporter, Trump's lead defense lawyer, John Dowd, slammed the raid as a "gross abuse" conducted only for "shock value".

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