Published: Sat, August 12, 2017
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Trump booster Jeffrey Lord unleashed an infamous Nazi salute on Twitter

Trump booster Jeffrey Lord unleashed an infamous Nazi salute on Twitter

CNN fired prominent commentator Jeffrey Lord on Thursday after he tweeted the Nazi salutation "Sieg Heil!" in response to a feud with a liberal activist.

A network spokesperson confirmed that Lord was no longer with the network and said "Nazi salutes are indefensible".

An examination of Lord's Twitter feed (see tweets below) right after he sent his tweet shows that Lord was indeed mocking the "Media Matters Fascists".

During the day, the Twitter sparring resumed, with Lord finally responding to Carusone with the tweet: "Sieg Heil!" In recent months, CNN has walked away from a years-long relationship with comedienne Kathy Griffin and declined to renew a programming pact with author Reza Aslan. Other pro-Trump voices joined the network later.

In his American Spectator column that was published hours earlier, Lord denounced the "anti-free speech bigots" at Media Matters. Lord later claimed he was "mocking Nazis and Fascists". He also took a dig on the air from CNN host Anderson Cooper, who appeared surprised that Lord would defend Trump describing former FBI Director James Comey as a "nutjob" to Russian officials.

Via Jeffrey Lord on Twitter
Via Jeffrey Lord on Twitter

"Soros gave us one donation one 2010", Carusone wrote. Its justification was the "Sieg Heil" tweet, and it did not comment on its apparent mocking intent.

CNN began employing pro-Trump commentators in 2015 to balance out its discussion of presidential politics and the candidates.

Lord and Carusone have a history of jarring with one another on social media. "I think they're terrific people and serious people". On the call, Lord expressed his love for CNN but said he thought they were "caving to bullies". Another Trump supporter, Kayleigh McEnany, recently left CNN to take a position with the Republican National Committee.

CNN has about a dozen other conservative commentators who tend to support the president's agenda.

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