Published: Thu, August 10, 2017
Culture | By Antonia Gonzales

Taylor Swift's Countersuit Against DJ Over Groping Incident Is Only For $1

Taylor Swift's Countersuit Against DJ Over Groping Incident Is Only For $1

Ms Swift, 27, accuses broadcaster David Mueller of slipping his hand under her dress while they posed backstage together at one of her 2013 concerts.

Mueller was sacked from his job at a country music station after Taylor's team told his boss that Mueller grabbed her buttock during a meet-and-greet before a 2013 Swift concert in Denver.

He was kicked out of the concert and told he was banned for life from Taylor Swift shows, he said. He repeatedly denied inappropriately touching Swift, and described how he remembered the moment.

Yet the country-turned-pop star, who has a mixed track record on feminist issues, is not so far getting the support she might expect from her peers for taking a stand.

In the image, shown to jurors during opening statements, Mueller's hand is behind Swift, just below her waist.

Baldridge also referenced Mueller's description of Swift in a court deposition as cold and standoffish when they met. Hearing that, Swift sat up in courtroom.

"Mueller has been hurt and wants his good name back and he wants to be fairly compensated for income he lost and ability to earn income in the future", continued McFarland.

Due to this, David filed a lawsuit seeking $3 million in damages, claiming that Taylor's allegations cost him his job and damaged his professional reputation.

Swift's attorney, in earlier opening statements, said Mueller is only suing her for money and fame. "Grabbing a woman's rear end is an assault, and it's always wrong".

He acknowledged touching her-but more in an accidental manner, he said.

Mueller's lawyer claimed that the photo shows his client's hand "is not underneath Miss Swift's skirt, and her skirt is not rumpled in any fashion".

Mueller's cross-examination will continue this morning, and the trial is expected to last nine days.

After detailing his career history and his relationships with his boss, Eddie Haskell and his girlfriend at the time, Shannon Melcher, who appears in the now-infamous photo of Mueller with Swift, Mueller recounted his experience at the Pepsi Center on June 2, 2013, and his subsequent firing, firmly denying any "inappropriate touching" or change in his story. The case arose after Swift alleged that he groped the singer which led to him losing his job.

He asks Mueller about testimony that Mueller had told a Swift security guard to call the police when that was threatened, and is asked why he never called the police himself, though he could have.

"What is at stake is, will this man be able to stifle a young woman's ability to report a sexual assault?". Swift says there is no doubt Mueller grabbed her "bare bottom".

But when Swift's attorney, J. Doug Baldridge, took over to cross-examine Mueller, Mueller was immediately put on the defensive.

David Mueller's attorney claims fabricating allegations about inappropriate touching is just as bad as performing the despicable act.

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