Published: Sat, August 12, 2017
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Taylor Swift's bodyguard: 'His hand went under her skirt'

Taylor Swift's bodyguard: 'His hand went under her skirt'

She said she told him and his girlfriend, who was also in the photo, "thank you for coming" in a monotone voice before they left.

I am critical of your client for sticking his hand under my skirt and grabbing my bare ass.

Mueller's lawyer Gabriel McFarland then began his examination questioning Swift's account of the groping.

Swift countersued, claiming he sexually assaulted her.

TMZ reports that Swift took the stand to give her side of the story regarding the 2013 incident, in which she said David Mueller grabbed her behind under her skirt.

Robert Call, Mueller's boss at KYGO and the man who fired him, later told the court the photo indicated to him that Mueller's hand was in an inappropriate place and that this was a large reason for his dismissal. Coomer called it a lie. She apparently asked the court to keep the photo a secret, as she thought it might prejudice the jury.

Mueller first sued Swift in 2015.

Swift testified Mueller grabbed her behind underneath her skirt, not above it, during the pre-concert meet-and-greet photo session.

(8) McFarland asked Swift if she thinks Mueller got what he deserved.

Testify An artist’s drawing of Swift taking the stand in court
Testify An artist’s drawing of Swift taking the stand in court

When all the fans in line at the meet and greet were gone, Swift testified, she told the members of her team in the room: "That dude just grabbed my ass".

David Mueller, who is accused of groping Taylor Swift before a Denver concert at the Pepsi Center in 2013, testified this week that he once worked at Kansas City radio station KRBZ, 96.5 The Buzz. She said: "He saw your client lift my skirt, that's when your clients hand went out of his view because it was grabbed onto my a** cheek".

Dent and Simbeck are listed as possible witnesses in the Denver trial. "We are a big group of creative woman who are supporting her as an artist and we love what she does", she said. She said she saw nothing happen during the brief encounter and that she and Mueller were rudely confronted and escorted out of the arena that evening. It shows Mueller, his girlfriend and Swift standing together, smiling.

The radio host, David Mueller, has sued the pop star, claiming she and her team's accusations against him caused him to lose his job and harmed his reputation. It was intentional. He stayed latched on to my bare ass cheek.

Stephanie Simbeck, the photographer, is believed to have heard Taylor talk about the assault soon after it happened.

His testimony came a day after Ms Swift took the stand to describe the incident, calling it a "definite grab".

Swift said a security guard working for her witnessed the groping. "I knew when it happened", she said.

He originally sued in state court in Colorado, but Swift's attorneys moved to have the matter transferred to federal court, which is allowed if a party lives out of state.

During her testimony, Taylor told the court that the alleged assault was "despicable and horrifying".

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