Published: Thu, August 03, 2017
Research | By Jennifer Evans

'Stardew Valley' Multiplayer Announced for 2018

'Stardew Valley' Multiplayer Announced for 2018

Unfortunately, you'll be stuck waiting a while longer if you were hoping that Stardew Valley's multiplayer mode would release this year.

"Shortly after you begin the game, Robin will offer to build up to 3 cabins on your farm". Each of these cabins will belong to one of your friends and thus under their control.

The biggest addition in multiplayer is the farmhands feature, which lets players recruit up to three friends to work with them. Each player will have their own inventory; if they're offline, you can still access their stuff from the chest in their cabin. Farmhands won't be able to have more than one spouse, but it is an interesting dynamic to have specifically baked into the game. Right now multiplayer is only slated for 2018, with a beta test hopefully coming a little later this year. First off, player-to-player marriage, a widely requested feature for this mode will be implemented. Instead, they're planning an alternative method to court your friend that still requires the same amount of effort like when wooing an NPC. There are, however, certain key decisions that can only be made by the lead player: namely, when to sleep, when to start and end festivals, and whether to side with Joja or expand the town hall. On the other hand, farmhands can mine, fish, farm, forage, marry NPCs, etc.

Multiplayer will be accessible through a Steam "invite" from your friends list so there is no need to set up a multiplayer server.

So far, 15,000 lines of code have been rewritten as multiplayer is implemented in Stardew Valley. If you've got mods, be sure to update your mods during the beta period.

Local multiplayer, split-screen and PVP are not planned at this point. After that, in early 2018, the multiplayer should roll out in a patch for Windows, Mac and Linux.

The will be released for consoles as well, but the studio warned that it "will be a bigger patch than usual", and so will take awhile to get to each platform.

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