Published: Mon, August 28, 2017
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Somalia notes 'civilian casualties' in raid

Somalia notes 'civilian casualties' in raid

A Somalia official says a raid by foreign and Somali forces on a farm has killed 10 civilians, including a child.

The Somalian army says its forces, supported by US troops, mistakenly shot dead 10 Somalis, including three children, during an operation near the town of Bariire early Friday morning.

The participation of U.S. soldiers in the raid was confirmed by the U.S. Africa Command, which said it was "conducting an assessment into the situation to determine the facts on the ground". The Somali National Army released a statement saying that the attack was part of a raid against a "farm in Bariire with known al-Shabaab presence" carried out with "international partners".

The U.S. military says it will look into claims that several civilians, including children, were killed in a U.S. -backed operation by Somalia's army.

At Madina hospital in the capital Mogadishu, officials displayed the victims to the media on Friday afternoon.

Irfid said some US troops were present during the incident, but he said he can't say if they were among the troops who shot the civilians.

The United States Africa Command said in a statement on late Friday that they are aware of the civilian casualty allegations near Bariire, Somalia.

Bariire is at the centre of a feud between two powerful and well-armed clans, lawmaker Dahir Amin Jesow said.

"The two clans who fought misinformed the USA forces", said Amin, adding one group may have tipped off security forces that the other side were insurgents.

One witness, Warsame Wador, spoke to Reuters and said all the farmers were asleep when the early morning raid began. All the 10 people were asleep and I ran for my life. "As I ran away I could see four armoured vehicles parked outside". An injured man later died, medical staff said.

"Last year, the USA killed my people in Galkayo in a deliberate strike. We shall no longer tolerate it", he said.

The deaths raise questions about growing American military involvement in Somalia after President Trump approved expanded operations, often in support of Somali forces, against the Shabab, an extremist group linked to Al Qaeda.

The statement comes after the Somalia military said eight Al-Shabaab militants were killed during the joint security operation.

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