Published: Thu, August 10, 2017
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

'Skeleton' Mother In Mumbai Flat Welcomes US-Return Techie Son

'Skeleton' Mother In Mumbai Flat Welcomes US-Return Techie Son

An elderly woman on Monday was found dead and decomposed at her Mumbai residence after her US-based son returned and failed to get any response on ringing the door bell. They also added that the last conversation she had with Sahani confirms that she wanted to move to an old-age-home.

Sahani and his wife live in the US.

On Sunday, Rituraj Sahani (43) - who incidentally had not spoken to his mother for almost a year - came home on Sunday, only to find the skeletal remains of his mother in the locked flat. As of now, while the Police await the post-mortem report, they are recording the statement from Rituraj and also the neighbours if they had had any last contact with the lady.

Confirming the development, Subhash Khanwilkar, senior police inspector of Oshiwara police station said, the note reads as "Meri maut ka koi zimmedar nahi hai" (no one is responsible for my death).

The investigation to ascertain the exact cause and time of death is underway, said the official. "It seems the woman had commited suicide last April", the official from the Oshiwara Police said. The official has ruled out any foul play, saying Sahani in her last conversation with Rituraj in April 2016 had told him that she was doing fine. Paramjit Singh Dahiya, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Zone IX, said that there was nothing suspicious regarding the circumstances of her death.

A senior police officer was quoted by Times of India that "On Sunday, Rituraj landed in India unannounced". He reached the Lokhandwala complex in Andheri, where his mother lived, and rang the doorbell at 4.30 pm. "After getting no response for quite some time, he made a decision to bring in a duplicate key-maker and open the door", a police official said. A hole was drilled in the door and the latch was opened.

Indian Express quoted a senior police officer saying that it can not be ruled out that the body was lying there for weeks. The police are questioning people and are trying to find out if they noticed a smell emanating from the flat.

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