Published: Wed, August 30, 2017
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

'Sanctuary State'? GOP Gov. Under Fire for Immigration Law

'Sanctuary State'? GOP Gov. Under Fire for Immigration Law

Lawmakers said with the clock ticking, they had no time to waste, and put politics aside. Will Guzzardi of Chicago, says he'll seek an override of Rauner's veto. The state legislature sent Gov. Rauner a bipartisan AVR bill previous year, which the governor vetoed, citing, among other things, an unfounded concern it would open the door to voter registration fraud.

Rauner came to the House floor after the vote to shake hands. Monday's vote garnered 63 yes votes.

Among those critics has been Rauner, who told business leaders in southern Illinois Friday that lawmakers were "on the verge of what is largely good education funding reform", but again blamed Madigan for inserting "a bunch of bad things in it", like funding for CPS that the governor said "shouldn't go to Chicago".

State Reps. Dan Beiser, D-Alton; John Cavaletto, R-Salem; Jay Hoffman, D-Swansea; Charlie Meier, R-Okawville; and Katie Stuart, D-Edwardsville, all voted in favor of the compromise measure Monday evening.

At stake is state aid for more than 800 districts that haven't received payments this academic year. "This is what we needed to do in order to fix a flawed system that we became recognized for across this country", Lightford said.

An education funding overhaul has failed in the Illinois House, leaving money for more than 800 districts uncertain. The House had passed the bill 73-34; the Senate margin was 38-13. The plan explicitly loosens a requirement for five days of physical education; schools can move to three days a week of gym class, and allow seventh to 12th grade students who play sports to opt out of PE (currently, only high schools junior and seniors have that option). Second, new state funds will be distributed to ensure that those districts with the largest gap between current spending and adequacy will be funded first.

State Sen. Daniel Biss, a Democrat who is running for governor, said he wasn't supporting the measure because of the private school scholarship and tax credit program. "And every school district wins". The adults in both chambers realized the state's mathematical formula for doling out tax revenue to school districts hasn't pumped enough resources into poorer communities.

IL this week became the tenth state to adopt an automatic voter registration law, and election reform advocates in MA are using the news to call on Bay State lawmakers to approve similar legislation.

But Rauner used his veto authority to make changes to the legislation, saying it provided too much money to financially strapped Chicago Public Schools. The House is expected to vote on it Monday. The money may be donated to a specific school, but not to a specific student. Republicans may feel he isn't worth putting their own political fortunes at risk and, along with teachers unions, work to defeat the compromise.

Rauner - a longtime supporter of private school voucher and other "school choice" programs - has given mixed signals about the latest deal.

"Taxpayer dollars should be invested in our public school classrooms, plain and simple".

While the bill does not make IL a sanctuary state, it does say local law enforcement can't ask people about their immigration status or hold them without a warrant. The House would need Republican support to succeed.

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