Published: Sat, August 26, 2017
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

San Francisco dog owners to counter right-wing rally by creating poo minefield

San Francisco dog owners to counter right-wing rally by creating poo minefield

Tuffy Tuffington has enlisted the help of his two Patterdale terriers and a lot of other good dogs in San Francisco to lay a field of poop on the site where Patriot Prayer has obtained a permit to gather Saturday, according to The Guardian.

The situation in San Francisco is complicated by the fact that the rally is planned to be held in a national park, within the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

Three different rallies are planned for Sunday in Berkeley.

He continued: "Let us show this nation that San Francisco is a city of peace and unity". The counter-protestors plan to return and clean up the fecal detritus shortly after the neo-Nazi fuckers are done marching in crap.

On Wednesday, the National Park Service approved a permit for a rally led by the far-right group Patriot Prayer at Crissy Field in San Francisco on Saturday, Aug. 26.

She said police are in a tough spot because they are constitutionally obligated to protect even hateful speech until the point that speech crosses the line into violence.

He said the event is for moderates and a way to bring together people who believe in free speech and a way "to build a healthy culture to stand against against antifa, Communists, white supremacists, Nazis".

Vancouver resident Joey Gibson said he organized Patriot Prayer after Trump supporters were beaten in San Jose, Calif., last summer during a campaign stop.

In addition, CBS 5 reports, "There will be no pedestrian, bicycle or vehicle access to Crissy Field from the Golden Gate Bridge".

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi - who represents San Francisco - said it would be a "white supremacist rally in the middle of a park for families and children".

The far-right protesters are also likely to encounter a contingent of marching clowns, who say "fascism is no laughing matter", as well as a collection of kayakers, boaters, sailors, and surfers who plan to paddle out to the bay that borders the field during the Patriot Prayer rally.

Supervisor Mark Farrell is pushing for a law that would prohibit people from carrying firearms in public areas, including Crissy Field, where a hotly debated Patriot Prayer rally is expected Saturday. "That stuff gets on film and we send that film out so the country can see, they can see the insanity".

However, city officials denied that group a permit, putting the event in jeopardy.

After violence during protests in Charlottesville, Virginia resulted in a counterprotestor's death, many San Francisco residents are grappling with how best to respond.

Sunday's event - billed as "No to Marxism" - will take place near the University of California at Berkeley.

Berkeley city officials passed a temporary rule to give police more power to ban weapons.

This year, politically-charged events have spiraled into violence in the famously liberal college town, including a "Patriot Day" rally in April and protests that erupted at UC Berkeley before a speech by Milo Yiannopoulos in February.

Rohrer acknowledges that "there might be people who want to go there to have a violent encounter".

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