Published: Sun, August 27, 2017
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Russian Sudan envoy, Mirgayas Shirinsky, found dead in pool — BBCI

Russian Sudan envoy, Mirgayas Shirinsky, found dead in pool — BBCI

Serving as a foreign diplomat has never been the safest business, nor has working for the government of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Shirinskiy is the fourth Russian diplomat to die this year, after Russia's Ambassador to the United Nations Vitaly Churkin died of a suspected heart attack, age 64.

Russia's ambassador to Sudan has died at his residence in Khartoum, Sudanese and Russian officials have said. Sudanese police have reportedly ruled that his death was not the result of an assassination attempt. Both were in their sixties at the time of death, as was Shirinsky.

The foreign ministry in Moscow told Russia's RIA state news agency: "We grieve to announce that on 23 August in Khartoum, the Russian ambassador to Sudan, Mr Shirinsky died". Russian embassy staff at the residence in Sudan's capital city called for medical assistance, but doctors were unable to save the ambassador's life. He reportedly collapsed at his office in NY and died from a heart attack.

He studied at Moscow Institute of International Relations and was appointed as ambassador to Khartoum in 2013.

Sudan's foreign ministry expressed its condolences to Russian Federation in a statement, hailing Shirinskiy's diplomatic efforts.

Authorities in Sudan offered no details on the circumstances surrounding the death but the Russian foreign ministry said on Thursday that Shirinsky, 62, died of a heart attack.

Shirinskiy had been a diplomat since 1977 and had worked in Rwanda, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

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