Published: Mon, August 14, 2017
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Russian Official Says Iranian Parliament Bill 'Logical' Response to US

Russian Official Says Iranian Parliament Bill 'Logical' Response to US

Iran's parliament today approved more than half a billion dollars in funding for the country's missile programme and foreign operations of the elite Revolutionary Guards in response to U.S. sanctions. The vote comes amid growing tensions with the U.S. over the Iranian nuclear deal, which President Trump has said he would like to see cancelled.

Iran's parliament approved the first step of a bill to boost Tehran's missile program spending, on Sunday.

In response to the launch, President Trump signed a bill outlining new sanctions against several Iranian groups, freezing funds and outlawing US citizens from doing businesses with the targets.

The Iranian parliament has approved a bill to counter "terrorist and adventurous actions" of the United States in the region.

Of the members present, 240 parliamentarians out of 244 voted in favour of passing the bill.

During his campaign he threatened to tear up the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran, which he has called "the worst deal ever".

According to the bill, Iran's combined government and military apparatus is tasked with devising a comprehensive strategic plan to counter the "US threats" within a period of six months following ratification of the bill.

The bill is "very smart particularly because it doesn't violate the nuclear deal and doesn't allow the other side to make excuses", he added.

The Iranian legislation must pass a second vote before submission for final approval.

Tensions between Tehran and Washington have grown since President Trump took office.

The move came after the US House of Representatives and then the Senate passed a sweeping package of bills on sanctions against Iran, Russia, and North Korea.

To counter United States economic sanctions, the government has been ordered to provide a comprehensive plan on expanding economic cooperation with world countries, especially Iran's neighbors and friends as well as the countries which have likewise been subject to Washington's embargoes.

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