Published: Sun, August 06, 2017
Sport | By Billy Aguilar

Paulie Malignaggi Leaves Conor McGregor Camp After Leaked Sparring Photo Controversy

Paulie Malignaggi Leaves Conor McGregor Camp After Leaked Sparring Photo Controversy

Malignaggi went on to state that regardless of what the photos show, he was actually "beating the breaks" off of McGregor throughout the sparring session.

Photos surfaced from the training session that made it appear that McGregor was dominating as well as an apparent knockdown that put Malignaggi on the ground.

After seeing that picture, Malignaggi began to vent on Twitter and demanded that the full video from their sparring session be released.

What really happened, Malignaggi claims, is that he beat up McGregor pretty soundly, and did so soon after a cross-country flight from his home base in NY. In this, their second sparring session of the camp, Malignaggi and McGregor battled for 12 intense rounds that the Brooklynite labeled "violent".

Malignaggi confirmed to ESPN that he's quitting McGregor camp and is likely flying back home to NY.

"I wanted to be part of this event, but I didn't want to become the story - and that's what this has turned into", Malignaggi told Okamoto. "I do see a guy who is implementing more and more of what they want to do in their game plan", Malignaggi added. But this has become a fiasco. The UFC's PI definitely has that video.

"Then as we got to round six, he started fading a little bit and that's when I really tried to dig in there and that's when I said you know what I'm going to stay in here, I got a point to make tonight".

"There was a pushdown yesterday", Malignaggi said on August 2.

While finding another made-to-order Mayweather knockoff may prove hard on short notice (Adrien Broner likes money and Conor's got money), the competitiveness of the sparring session speaks well of McGregor.

"So if you're asking who I believe in the latest incident, I'd have to say Malignaggi".

Is there anything Conor McGregor does that doesn't end with drama?

Mayweather vs McGregor is set to take place at the T-Mobile Arena on the Las Vegas Strip on Saturday August 22.

Eubank said: "I have trained with Floyd and the Money Team on and off for years now".

"I believe Conor and I have a mutual respect inside the ring, earned from each other with some good work over two sparring sessions. I came with the best intentions and meant to help out", he said in a statement.

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