Published: Thu, August 10, 2017
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Patient dies as BJP leader allegedly 'stops ambulance' for 30 minutes

Patient dies as BJP leader allegedly 'stops ambulance' for 30 minutes

A BJP leader in Haryana has been accused of causing the death of a patient because he stopped the ambulance he was travelling in for half an hour.

The police here have launched a probe after a man claimed that his uncle died while being rushed to a hospital as a local BJP leader held up the ambulance following a minor crash involving his auto.

The ambulance reportedly clipped Nagpal's vehicle following which he chased down the ambulance and snatched away the keys from the driver. "All the allegations against me are baseless, and I am ready to join the police investigations".

The family alleged that the police was unwilling to register a case against the powerful local BJP leader. In another case, the state BJP chief's son has been accused of stalking a woman, who described in a Facebook post how she was chased on the streets of Chandigarh on Friday night.

While a complaint has been filed by the man's nephew Arun Kumar, he told the newspaper that Nagpal fought with the driver of the ambulance over compensation for hitting his auto which delayed his uncle's treatment, causing his death.

An incensed Nagpal then held up the ambulance even as the desperate relatives requested him to let it go as Navin Soni's condition deteriorated. "I just stopped them to check", said Nagpal.

They allege that Nagpal demanded compensation for damages from the ambulance driver for hitting his auto, adding that had Nagpal not stopped the ambulance for that long, the patients life could have been saved. "They have alleged that because of Nagpal's action, it caused delay and as a result Soni could not get the medical aid in time and died".

Nagpal has meanwhile denied these allegations.

Reports suggest both parties have been called to the police station over the issue. There is no question of stopping the ambulance.

'We didn't stop the ambulance.

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