Published: Sun, August 13, 2017
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Omarosa Ditches Black Journalists Panel After "Aggressive" Questioning

Omarosa Ditches Black Journalists Panel After

One of those panels got heated, Friday, thanks to a late-addition and controversial personality, White House Aide Omarosa Manigault-Newman.

At one point, Ms. Manigault-Newman accused Mr. Gordon of brushing aside her relatives' deaths.

"Omarosa was called on stage and asked by the moderator to discuss her experience growing up with violence in her community", Savannah Robinson said. "I don't want to hear your question", Ms. Manigault-Newman said, talking over him. "I'm not going to let you railroad this".

Footage of the event has surfaced on YouTube, including cellphone video (above) shot by a reporter for who attended the panel discussion.

Manigault, the director of communications for the White House's Office of Public Liaison, refused to answer questions about her role as an African American in the White House.

Becoming more combative with her fellow panelists, Manigault told another panelist "Google me" her after she was asked about her work with the Department of Justice on police issues.

When Gordon turned to the topic of Trump, Manigault-Newman objected.

Gordon claimed Trump was promoting police brutality when he joked last month about cops being too easy on violent criminals during arrests. Ms. Manigault-Newman interjected, "Are you suggesting that I just walk away?"

The conversation quickly escalated into a tense exchange before Manigault-Newman, a former "Apprentice" contestant, left the stage.

Nevertheless, question turned to the Trump administrations policies, including efforts by Attorney General Jeff Sessions to revive the war on drugs and "broken windows" policing.

"It's not a mess", she said.

And she argued that the issue of police brutality is front and center for the Trump administration, despite the president's recent comments, which were widely interpreted as endorsing the use of excessive force by officers.

Robinson also noted audience reactions: "Through the whole thing, people were yelling at her, and she would respond by snapping back at them".

According to HuffPost, minutes later, when NABJ President Sarah Glover tried to explain why Manigault-Newman had been invited in the first place, the reality show star appeared to blow a kiss to someone in the audience. Because, like President Trump, she will not bullied into submission.

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