Published: Sun, August 27, 2017
Economy | By Melissa Porter

Number of people missing following landslide in the Swiss Alps

Number of people missing following landslide in the Swiss Alps

Around a hundred people were forced to be evacuated. At least 120 personnel continue to search an area that is 5 km in radius.

According to local law enforcement, search efforts for the missing persons are being conducted in the Val Bondasca region with numerous helicopters.

But today (August 24) police announced that eight people who are thought to have been in the Bondasca valley when the mudslide struck have not been heard from. Lieutenant Andrea Mittner said at a news conference televised on Swiss state broadcaster SRF that those missing were hikers and climbers.

A still from a video shows the immensity of the rockfall. Four million cubic metres (140 million cubic feet) of rock came down the mountain on Wednesday; one million cubic metres of rock is still moving.

Graubunden's main highway to the south that links Stampa to Castasegna has been closed to traffic.

They had set off separately or in pairs, and were believed to have been hiking in the area of the mudslide, she said.

Mittner described the missing people as "Alpinists and walkers".

Six of those people have been reported missing by relatives.

According to Swissinfo, the approach of disaster in the village reported automatic alarm.

An alarm system went off in Wednesday in time to allow for evacuation of about 100 local residents.

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