Published: Thu, August 03, 2017
Research | By Jennifer Evans

Microsoft Rolls Out New Surface Payment, Upgrade Program

Microsoft Rolls Out New Surface Payment, Upgrade Program

They would have to get a new 24-month payment plan and credit agreement from Klarna however, whether or not the 0% April scheme is applicable in the fresh contract is yet to be revealed by Microsoft.

Consumers are only offered a 24-month payment plan, which comes with 0% April, the post said.

The company has also promised dedicated support and service and free technical help and in-store support for one year as a part of the Surface Plus plan.

The Microsoft Surface Plus plan also promises best-in-class customer service and the option to add the complete extended service plan. The only requirement for the upgrade is that customers will have to give back their 18-month-old Surface device, which should be in good condition, and agree to a new 24-month payment plan for the new Surface device.

For more information about Microsoft's full suite of offerings and deals for students and teachers, check out this blog post.

Surface Plus is available now in the US.

As Microsoft continues to push Surface towards its education audience, the company is today launching a new Surface Plus financing/subscription program geared towards students.

Under the new Surface Plus programme, Hamren explains, buyers are able to pick up a Surface laptop on a 24-month finance plan with zero percent interest charged, then upgrade the device to the latest model every 18 months. You can also upgrade devices after 18 months. Businesses can also expand or reduce their device fleet mid-term.

Another analyst, Charles King of Pund-IT, said that while the Surface financing plans will likely be popular for people in job training and professional programs where Microsoft Office is the dominant productivity platform and in schools where students use Microsoft applications, it won't appeal much to schools and students that have adopted Chromebooks and Google Docs.

Surface Plus and Surface Plus for Business is ownership, re-imagined.

Pick the Surface device you want. That upgrade is subject to device availability and eligibility.

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