Published: Tue, August 29, 2017
Sport | By Billy Aguilar

McGregor surprises critics while Mayweather remains undefeated

McGregor surprises critics while Mayweather remains undefeated

- THE most improbable fight, one between an all-time great in Floyd Mayweather and an opponent, Conor McGregor, making his professional boxing debut, ended in the most probable way.

And that is how they got to the front row of the McGregor V Mayweather fight without a ticket.

"The Mayweather-McGregor fight should have been an exhibition", said Peter, now 76 and still living in Brockton, Massachusetts where his brother was based. Mayweather then went on the pursuit.

Mayweather, happy in retirement, eventually came around, and the public ate it up.

However, while that gave some moments of excitement to the Irishman's followers, it also left McGregor gassed, with his mouth open and his punches lacking snap.

"I did walk away from the sport before", Mayweather said. I chose the right dance partner to dance with.

Official NSAC scores did have it rather lopsided for Mayweather at the time of the stoppage, with the Las Vegas native ahead via scores of 87-83, 89-82 and 89-81. He boxed dirty in the clinch, he boxed smart under pressure, he procured the protection of the referee - all the techniques that a 50-fight veteran was always going to draw on. "Boxing's reputation was on the line", Mayweather said. Many, however, will question whether those figures should come with an asterisk, given the obvious and vast gulf in quality and experience between himself and McGregor.

Had Mayweather successfully made the bets at the M sportsbook, he would have won them both; the fight indeed lasted fewer than 10 full rounds, and he did, in fact, win by a knockout. But it was a boxing fight with boxing rules, meaning McGregor couldn't kick or wrestle like he would in a UFC bout.

While you're here.Watch our Mayweather vs. McGregor special with Aisling Daly, Kellie Harrington, Dion Fanning and Wooly on SportsJOE Live. But McGregor and boxing are probably taking a break. He's a lot more experienced especially in the later part of it, but early on I thought I was handy enough to be honest, but he's composed in there.

McGregor - despite the pounding he took from the American - recovered quickly after the fight to go partying with his fans at a night club on the Las Vegas Strip.

'I want Conor back in the UFC using all his skills, not restricted just to his fists. He absorbed big shots and put up a respectful fight until his stamina waned and Mayweather pounced in the later rounds. He's a mixed-martial artist where he goes in and he fights and he uses all of his weapons.

"I've already been raising the MMA checks, so don't get it twisted", McGregor said.

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