Published: Sun, August 13, 2017
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Man arrested after woman pushed in front of London bus

Man arrested after woman pushed in front of London bus

A 41-year-old man is being held on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm after an arrest in the nearby Chelsea area of London, police said.

Eric Bellquist, 41, was arrested by London police on August 10 in connection with the ongoing investigation into the May assault. The 33-year-old woman, who has yet to be named, missed getting hit, but did suffer minor injuries.

Metropolitan Police today released the city banker, saying they had "eliminated from the investigation".

His lawyers released a statement, after their client was cleared, saying the man could prove he was in the USA when the incident occurred on May 5.

Bus operator Go-Ahead London has praised the driver, who swerved to avoid the victim and then stopped to provide assistance.

According to police reports, the runner shoved the woman onto the road - an incident that could have resulted in a fatality - and continued on his run only to loop back along the same grounds 15 minutes after.

London police said the arrest resulted from a "good response" from the public after seeing the security cam video.

Bellquist works at private equity firm Huttons Collins Partners and sits on the boards of two restaurants it is invested in, Wagamama and Byron.

Cops have now made a renewed appeal for witnesses.

In a statement police said: "Inquiries continue to identity the jogger who pushed the female pedestrian into the road".

Police described the jogger as a white man in his 30s with brown eyes and short brown hair.

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