Published: Mon, August 14, 2017
Culture | By Antonia Gonzales

Jennifer Lawrence Stills Feels "Terrified" Following Nude Photo Hack

Jennifer Lawrence Stills Feels

'Having your privacy violated constantly isn't a problem if you're ideal, but if you're human, it's terrifying'.

As expected, Lawrence's second Vogue cover in four years was received with mixed reactions.

Jennifer Lawrence has admitted there are things she would do differently, with regards to her controversial film, 'Passengers'.

Jennifer Lawrence is opening up about the naked photo hack that saw a number of very personal and explicit photos of herself hacked and leaked online. "I think people saw [the hacking] for what it was, which was a sex crime, but that feeling, I haven't been able to get rid of it", Lawrence spoke her mind.

In the Vogue cover story, she also opened up about her relationship with director, Darren Aronofsky. "But if you're human, it's terrifying", she added, addressing the 2014 hacking of her private photos.

"It's scary when you feel the whole world judges you", she said.

But now speaking about the video for the first time, Lawrence said her biggest fear was that the situation had been taken out of context. "And I'm never confused with him", she says. "He's not like that", she explained. While Lawrence joked about her Kardashian tent, it speaks volumes about the nature of the movie they were filming that they had to create a separate place for the actor. "One guy said that and a lot of media picked up on that and it became the mantra that the film carried, and I thought it was a really unfair thing because I think it's a lovely film I couldn't be more proud of".

New York, August10:The actress reveals the details of her cheery refuge on the set of her new dark thriller 'Mother!' in the September issue of Vogue. "I have oxygen tubes in my nostrils, and Darren's like, 'It was out of focus; we've got to do it again.' And I was just like, 'Go f- yourself'". "I'm on the phone with my lawyers, and everybody's like, 'Is there anything we need to know before it comes out?' And I'm like, 'No, it's all there'".

Mother! releases on September 15.

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