Published: Tue, August 01, 2017
Economy | By Melissa Porter

Islamic State claims responsibility for attack on Iraqi embassy in Kabul

Islamic State claims responsibility for attack on Iraqi embassy in Kabul

The raid may have been meant as a show of strength despite the group's recent losses in Iraq, where security forces have completed the recapture of the country's second-largest city, Mosul.

"At least one wounded person has been admitted to hospital in the city", Dr Salim Rasuli, the head of Kabul's hospitals, told dpa. Embassy staff members were evacuated to safety, Mr.

Iraq's chargé d'affaires in the Afghan capital was rescued from the premises of the targeted embassy and whisked away to the Egyptian embassy, the Iraqi foreign ministry in Baghdad added.

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani condemned the attack and said it was the government's responsibility to provide protection to global missions.

The ministry has not released official casualty figures but condemned the attack as "un-Islamic and inhuman". In the area there was a rumble of grenades and continued shooting, the press reported.

"First a suicide bomber detonated his explosives close to the gate of the embassy then three other insurgents entered inside the compound", a statement said. Later on, it became clear the suicide bomber was on foot and not driving a vehicle.

According to security officials in the Afghan capital, a police compound and the nearby Iraqi diplomatic mission have come under attack.

Despite the Mother-of-all-bombs (MOAB) attack on Daesh bases in eastern Afghanistan in April, the militants continue to carry out terrorist attacks in Kabul.

The source said gunfire was still ongoing in the area.

Several armed men killed two Afghan civilian employees inside the embassy and injured a police officer before being killed by Afghan security forces.

The target of the attack was not immediately clear.

"The explosion was so strong".

Black smoke billowed into the air above the neighbourhood in northwestern Kabul as the sound of ambulance sirens could be heard.

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