Published: Sat, August 19, 2017
Economy | By Melissa Porter

IOS 11's 'Cop Button' Will Secure Your Device from Police

IOS 11's 'Cop Button' Will Secure Your Device from Police

The new feature of iOS 11, known as the COP button has arrived amidst a lot of controversy over the law forcing the smartphone users to unlock the phones through the fingerprint sensors.

It's certainly true that US authorities have been able to compel people to unlock their phones with their fingerprints. The touch id lays waste by following the step. In previous cases, users had claimed to have "forgotten" their passcode, delaying entry into their device.

According to Jamie Lee Williams, a staff attorney at the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), police - in the USA at least - can not force people to hand over their phone passwords. This would be useful for situations in which users are anxious they will be forced to unlock their device.

The upcoming feature for iOS 11 was first discovered by users on Twitter and was later verified by The Verge in a report published yesterday.

Apple is adding a new feature to the iPhone and it might add to the struggle between law enforcement and tech companies.

These include file management with the new Files app, new drag and drop features, the iPad's new powerful dock, scanning, signing and sending documents using Notes and Pencil and more. It's very likely that iOS 11 will also have the ability to disable this feature after calling emergency services. It adds a new setting called "Emergency SOS", in which clicking the sleep/wake button on the side of the iPhone five times will cause the phone to automatically contact emergency services. Tapping five times would take mere seconds, and your plan wouldn't be as obvious as gripping the phone with two hands and trying to enter a security mode with the other buttons. The button free front for the iPhone 8 has put Apple in a similar rut as it did Samsung.

So, is this really useful for protecting your phone from unwanted searches? Last month Bloomberg reported that Apple could replace its TouchID sensor with face lock in the iPhone 8.

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