Published: Fri, August 11, 2017
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Intel intros Ruler SSD form factor and Dual Ports SSDs

Intel intros Ruler SSD form factor and Dual Ports SSDs

As we are consuming more and more data, storage requirements are increasing four folds. Intel hasn't detailed the new Ruler SSDs just yet, but the company did say that single 1U server racks powered with Intel Ruler SSDs will breach the 1PB mark. "These new ruler form factor SSDs and dual port SSDs are the latest in a long line of innovations we've brought to market to make storing and accessing data easier and faster, while delivering more value to customers", said Intel vice president, Bill Leszinske, Intel vice president, who's in charge of the Non-volatile Memory Solutions Group (NSG), at the company. Classic hard drives have defined the form factor for SSDs up until fairly recently, with 3.5-inch and 2.5-inch drives being the norm. The conventional setup would also demand increased power supply and cooling units. "Data drives everything we do - from financial decisions to virtual reality gaming, and from autonomous driving to machine learning - and Intel storage innovations like these ensure incredibly quick, reliable access to that data". Furthermore, Intel plans to release both 3D NAND SSDs and Optane SSDs in Ruler form factor in the near future. Intel announced dual port Optane SSDs as well as dual port 3D NAND SSDs. These new drives will go on sale starting the third quarter this year. In addition, thanks to the new storage technologies, they should deliver higher IOPS performance and bandwidth while at the same time further reducing latencies.

You can view the product page for the Intel SSD DC S4500 and S4600 series here.

In other SSD related news from Intel, two new SATA-based enterprise SSDs are coming, featuring Dual Port, meaning the drives have two SATA connectors in an active/active state for failover between two hosts, meaning the drives can be connected to two systems simultaneously. Intel has a solution. The webcast is available for replay. Intel is occupying booths #745 and #839.

As tech giants are making a shift to solid state storage technologies, they are also ready to experiment with new ways of data storage.

World's Most Advanced Dual Port Portfolio. It may not be long before it comes out with that information since Intel says that these SSDs will be available soon. Measured using FIO 2.15. Samsung* drives evaluated - Samsung SSD PM1725a, Samsung SSD PM1725, Samsung PM963, Samsung PM953. Toshiba* drives evaluated - Toshiba ZD6300.

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