Published: Tue, August 01, 2017
Tech | By Dwayne Harmon

Google Gboard app makes content sharing easier

Google Gboard app makes content sharing easier

More than a year since the launch of the Google Gboard and the Microsoft Word Flow keyboard for iOS, only the former is now available on the App Store and has received a big update today, while the other was killed off in favour of SwiftKey.

A few weeks back, Google made the app more appealing to users by adding a new feature to improve and make conversation faster.

Google's update for Gboard also includes a fun new drawing tool that allows users to create various doodles in the keyboard and share them with their message recipients. To access, tap the emoji icon and select the pen icon at the bottom of the screen.

The Gboard app from Google is getting some additional features in its latest update. Moreover, it will also enable users to search and share YouTube videos without separately launching the YouTube app.

To search for a YouTube video on the Gboard app, simply tap on the "G" button, followed by YouTube to search for any video of your choice. Recently, Google had announced support for 22 Indic languages on Gboard for Android.

Apart from a different font and lighter colour-scheme, Gboard doesn't look much different than the standard iOS keyboard.

If you are new to Gboard you will need to first set it up before you can enjoy the features.

But, at the top left, Gboard users see a small Google 'G'. In its initial release, the app already offered the most utilitarian Google Search features from directly within the keyboard.

With the support for three new languages including Arabic, Hebrew and Farsi, the new version of the Gboard keyboard will also allow users to search on Google and share the search results with contacts without leaving their current app.

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