Published: Fri, August 11, 2017
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Girl's body found after mother crashes auto on way to Buffalo

Girl's body found after mother crashes auto on way to Buffalo

Dillon obtained a digitally recorded statement from Newsome, in which she said she picked up her daughter from her bed and put her in a truck on Friday.

Newsome told police she had killed her daughter and was abusive to her according to the Pocahontas Times. Police said the girl did not die as a result of any injuries suffered in the crash.

Mother in Jacksonville, FL, arrested after admitting to abusing, killing her 11-year-old daughter, police say.

"She always parked the vehicle around the back side of the house, never in the front", he said.

After the alleged murder, Newsome supposedly placed her daughter's body in the trunk of her vehicle and was planning to drive to Buffalo, New York, where her child's father and her estranged husband, Donate Plummer, lives. He told the media he had married Newsome in 2007, but separated two years later. She and her daughter, Kaye-lea Plummer, were traveling from Jacksonville, Fl to Buffalo, NY when Newsome lost control of the vehicle in West Virginia.

Detectives from Jacksonville and West Virginia are working together to investigate the death of a Jacksonville child.

Newsome was arrested on charges of concealing the body of her daughter and was jailed on $50,000 while investigators searched for evidence in Florida. Newsome is being held in the Southern Regional Jail.

It was reported that Newsome asked to speak with an officer at the scene and said that Kaye-lea did not die in the crash.

"I can't even wrap my head around what even would have made (my wife) snap", Donath Plummer said. "Something is very, very wrong", Plummer said.

Authorities concluded Kaye-lea Plummer was killed in Jacksonville.

"At this time, foul play is suspected in the child's death and we believe the death occurred in Jacksonville, Florida", the sheriff's office there said.

According to police, the girl's dead body was inside a auto when her mother, Newsome of Jacksonville, lost control of the vehicle and crashed near the Virginia border Sunday morning.

"It is still a very active investigation", Sgt. Barlow said.

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