Published: Tue, August 29, 2017
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

German killer nurse suspected of 84 more murders, police say

German killer nurse suspected of 84 more murders, police say

In a terrifying development, new investigations conducted by German police have revealed that a male nurse may have killed at least 90 patients through drug overdose.

In 2015, Hoegel was sent to jail for two murders and the attempted murders of several intensive care patients at Delmenhorst hospital in Bremen, Germany. The number of actual victims is likely higher because some former patients were cremated, making it impossible to gather evidence, the police chief added. More than 130 bodies have been exhumed and tested for the presence of the medication, per Agence France-Presse.

Authorities have been exhuming bodies of former patients' of Hoegel.

In Britain, Dr. Harold Shipman was believed to have killed as many as 250 people, a lot of them elderly and middle-aged women who were his patients.

Oldenburg police chief Johann Kuehme said: "Eighty-four killings... leave us speechless".

Niels Hoegel admitted in 2015 to deliberately endangering patients' lives in so he could try to revive them.

However, as per Germany's judicial system, his jail term would not be amended given that the former nurse is already serving a life sentence, as it does not allow for consecutive sentences.

Toxicological reports for 41 individuals have not been finished, which implies the quantity of casualties could rise, police said.

They said he had utilized five unique medications on the patients, including alkaloid ajmaline and arrhythmia tranquilize sotalol, in the vicinity of 1999 and 2005.

Kuehme said Monday that authorities have now unearthed evidence of 84 killings in addition to the ones for which Hoegel was convicted.

Had health authorities acted sooner this problem could have been avoided, Kuehme said. The minimum estimates indicate at least 90 murders, but police said that it can also be twice that figure.

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