Published: Wed, August 02, 2017
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Funeral Planned For Fatally Shot Police Officer

Funeral Planned For Fatally Shot Police Officer

Southport is a suburb of Indianapolis.

Upon responding, Bowman said Jason Brown was wedged, upside down, being held by his seatbelt in the driver's seat.

Witnesses say shots rang out from an overturned vehicle in a single auto crash, as 38-year-old Allan attempted to help the occupants trapped inside.

Days after her husband was killed while responding to a traffic accident, Southport Police Lt. Aaron Allan's wife, Stacy Allan, released a statement to the public.

The vehicle is believed to have flipped over after striking the center median at a high rate of speed near Madison Avenue and Maynard Drive.

"There's no victor in this situation", Wagner told Fox59. Wagner claims Brown was both a shy and timid man and not the kind of person anyone would think would ever be linked to a violent crime of any kind.

"Jason lives for three things: tattoos, skateboarding and his son", Wagner said. "He had that switch, where to him it was going out talking to friends all day".

The prosecutor's office in Indianapolis said Friday that a judge granted its request that Jason Brown be held without bond until a Tuesday court hearing. Brown is a tattoo artist at Delta 9 tattoo parlor in IN and has a young son.

Another post on Facebook reads: 'Why do I carry a pistol?

Authorities say a 28-year-old man has been arrested on a preliminary murder charge in the fatal shooting of a police officer who was trying to assist him after he and another man became trapped in a auto after crashing in Indianapolis.

Jason Brown has been formally charged in connection with the death of a Southport police lieutenant.

He was found guilty and spent 30 days in county jail for that charge.

Traci Wagner believes "something" had to have happened to trigger such a horrific and out-0f-character response from Brown.

Allan's patrol SUV was parked outside the Southport police station on Friday and was covered with flower bouquets left by residents. McLeish says the second person in the vehicle hasn't been arrested.

As one the officers approached the auto to help the victims, the suspect, identified as 28-year-old Jason Brown, started shooting at him.

Allan, who has two sons, was responding to the scene of a vehicle crash in Southport to aid a driver who crashed through a fence and flipped his auto.

It was then when he heard 10 to 12 gun shots being fired, as well as an additional 2 or 4 shots. The office expects to decide on filing formal charges in the shooting early next week, she said.

Both men are now hospitalized, one with injuries from the crash, and the other with the gunshot wound.

The 28-year-old Brown has been arrested on a preliminary murder charge.

He had experience of 20 years in the department along with five years of community work. He is survived by his wife of many years and their children.

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