Published: Fri, August 11, 2017
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First pictures: Molly Martens and father Thomas moments after murdering Jason Corbett

First pictures: Molly Martens and father Thomas moments after murdering Jason Corbett

His wife, Molly Martens Corbett, 33, and his father-in-law Thomas Michael Martens, a 67-year-old retired Federal Bureau of Investigation agent, were found guilty on August 9 of second-degree murder at Davidson County Superior Court in Lexington, North Carolina.

On the evening of the man's murder, lawyers alleged 67-year-old Martens rushed upstairs in the early hours of August 5, 2015 after he heard his daughter screaming.

Molly Corbett was sentenced to a minimum of 20 years in prison and a maximum of 30 years, while her father was sentenced to a minimum of 20 years and maximum of 25 years.

To a stunning story, stunning double guilty verdict for the former Federal Bureau of Investigation agent and his daughter on trial for murdering her husband.

Ms Corbett claimed her husband had been abusive, adding: "I did not murder my husband". The defense argued Jason Corbett frequently beat his wife, and that the pair bludgeoned him to death in his Davidson County home in an act of self-defense after Martens says he saw Jason Corbett choking his daughter.

"Jason was unarmed, he was struck when he was lying down in the middle of the night", she said.

In 2011, Jason and Molly married and moved the family including his two young children to the U.S. But two years ago, Tom martens making this 911 call from Jason and Molly's North Carolina home.

JUSTICE for murdered Jason was what the Corbett family in Limerick had prayed and wished for and on Wednesday, justice is what they got.

Her father had also soured on his son-in-law and a co-worker testified at trial that the ex-FBI agent had admitted, "That son-in-law, I hate him", the paper reported. The blows were so violent and caused such damage to his skull that pathologist Dr Craig Nelson could only estimate that Mr Corbett suffered at least 12 times.

Jason first met Molly Corbett, who traveled from Tennessee to Ireland, when Jason hired her as an au pair in 2008 after the death of his first wife, Margaret Fitzpatrick Corbett, from a sudden asthma attack.

Martens reportedly intervened and told Molly to hit Jason on the head with a bat.

She claimed that Jason had abused her for years, telling the court that the "incidents occurred as they did on a somewhat regular basis, the difference is that my father was there". The baseball bat was one of the more than 200 pieces of evidence shown in court. After the murder, Molly Corbett fought for custody of Jason Corbett's children but guardianship was granted to Lynch.

"The jury have fulfilled their duty and I can promise them that we will fulfil our duty to help create a good future for Jason's children, who he loved". "One thing she is not is a part of the Corbett family".

A sentence for Molly Corbett has not been set.

Lynch said she and the rest of the family will work to support Jack and Sarah and keep Jason Corbett's memory alive. The children are now living with Jason's relatives in Ireland.

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