Published: Sun, August 13, 2017
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Eggs scandal that is rocking 16 European countries

Eggs scandal that is rocking 16 European countries

Experts say the health risk from eating fipronil is low. "It is, and I mean that seriously, a very good egg".

Poisoning by small doses has few effects and requires little treatment.

But the insecticide can damage people's kidneys and livers if eaten in large quantities.

The BBC reported that there have been two arrests in connection with the scandal, after raids in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Poultry farmers have been hardest hit, and are blaming the chemical industry for compromising their business and exposing consumers to danger.

(Vatican Radio) The European Commission says that at least fifteen EU countries, as well as Hong Kong and Switzerland, have received eggs contaminated with the insecticide fipronil. Ministers and regulators are gathering on September 26 to discuss ways to prevent similar scandals in the future.

"Samples analysed in the Netherlands show traces of fipronil in the eggs, but not as a health hazard", the agency said.

Mr Travert said on RMC radio that some 244,000 eggs imported from the Netherlands and Belgium and sold in France were affected.

Products in United Kingdom supermarkets were removed on Thursday after it emerged that the initial Food Standards Agency claim that 21,000 contaminated eggs had hit the United Kingdom was a gross underestimate.

"As far as the retail level is concerned, they have also retracted the problematic eggs, as well as increased the surveillance on eggs, especially (those) coming from European countries", Chan said.

"Because the content is illegal, Danæg Products must withdraw the eggs from their customers".

German Agriculture Ministry spokeswoman Jennifer Reinhard said on Friday "the facts need to be swiftly and fully investigated".

"Food safety is Wellcome's first priority".

"Information needs to be shared between (EU) member states without delay".

Health minister Sophia Chan said Saturday authorities were "strengthening" inspections of eggs from Europe.

He said the eggs came from the Netherlands and were delivered by a German company.

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