Published: Sun, August 06, 2017
Economy | By Melissa Porter

Chemical leaks land 40 children, 2 adults in hospital — NORTH CAROLINA

Chemical leaks land 40 children, 2 adults in hospital — NORTH CAROLINA

- The Downtown Durham YMCA reopened Thursday at noon after 42 people were taken to area hospitals during a chemical spill on Wednesday afternoon. According to a Durham County spokesperson, thirty-seven children and two adults were hurt. The pool will remain closed until further notice.

Durham police said in a statement that the chemical was released around 2:45 the downtown YMCA.

According to WRAL's Dr. Allen Mask, side effects of exposure to the chemical include blurry vision and watery eyes as well as coughing, wheezing, skin irritation, nausea and vomiting. "The check includes all pump rooms".

CBS North Carolina went through past inspections and found out the equipment room is part of the check.

"The way these chemicals are stored, they are stored in a container that's sealed so unless the seal on both of them break, I don't see how both of them be mixed", Stanley said. They have no timetable yet for re-opening the YMCA.

In its initial report of the incident, the YMCA cited mechanical issues as the reason behind its early closure.

Perry says YMCA staff does check it daily. "Their morning check did not detect anything out of the normal". On Thursday, virtually everyone said the YMCA did everything right.

Initially, a YMCA official called 911 and reported a 33-year-old lifeguard with asthma experiencing shortness of breath and having trouble breathing. Two adults were also treated. No children were admitted to the hospital.

Father Lionel McCullough Jr. said he sent his children back to camp because he understands that accidents happen and believes the YMCA handheld the situation appropriately. "We had popsicles and played games while we waited for our parents [in the hospital]". "I think the EMT, sheriff's department, fire department, I think everyone did an excellent job", he said. Several other children were being monitored as a precaution, Nelson said.

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