Published: Tue, August 29, 2017
Tech | By Dwayne Harmon

Apple reportedly holding iPhone event on September 12th

Apple reportedly holding iPhone event on September 12th

RAVPower's new wireless charging dock.

A report claims that the iPhone 8 wireless charging feature will be slower than standard speeds, and will be incompatible with the charging pads that are now in the market.

The Wall Street Journal believes that Apple will be releasing a foray of products during its September 12 keynote, which will include the Apple Watch Series 3 and an Apple TV that will provide support for HDR and 4K video playback. As a result, it is expected to unveil a number of significant updates to the iPhone hardware and software, including an IR camera, wireless charging and augmented reality support.

Only third-party chargers that are certified by Apple's MFi licensing program will work with the new wirelessly charging iPhones.

Documents showing inductive wireless charging.

Just last week, a rumour came along claiming that Apple's OLED iPhone will feature a $999 price tag, making it Apple's most expensive phone and just slightly jumping over Samsung's Galaxy Note 8, which launched at $930.

Both the WSJ and Mac4Ever suggest that Apple could release its new iPhones 10 days after the event on September 22nd. But if the slow charging rumor sees the light, it seems that Apple is content to adopt this new feature only at the grass-root level. Probably not in the short term. First Houston Capital Inc.'s holdings in Apple were worth $3,386,000 as of its most recent SEC filing. "USB and USB-C is becoming ubiquitous, but not so wireless charging, which will take a few years to become really ubiquitous". The company also has a lot of new things to announce this time around, including three new iPhone devices.

"This has more to do with sleekness of design than anything else in my opinion", Gold said. This beta comes out just one week after the seventh version was made available to developers.

Over the last decade, Apple has filed several patents on wireless charging. The FaceID can be used to unlock the device or to verify payments through Apple Pay.

According to the report, Apple is now planning to hold the announcement event at Steve Jobs Theater, located at the company's new headquarters.

According to reports, Tim Cook and his team are planning to "lock" the iPhone 8 into using this technology, but in order to make use of the wireless charging you will have to buy a pad separately from Apple or any of the Apple authorized manufacturers.

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