Published: Thu, August 03, 2017
Economy | By Melissa Porter

Air Transat provides statement on grounded flights

Air Transat provides statement on grounded flights

The Air Transat flight from Brussels to Montreal had been diverted to Ottawa International Airport on Monday afternoon due to severe weather.

Yes, there are surely security issues with flights coming from overseas, but isn't it worth finding a quick way to get the passengers off the plane so that, for example, they don't vomit or call 911? "The police are in here and the fire department's in here and they're telling us that they can't do anything, that we just have to stay put".

Mah says the passengers were given little information about what was happening and why.

Ottawa International Airport said one passenger received medical assistance during the delay.

Then it sat on the tarmac for six hours, multiple outlets and the passengers reported.

According to a CBC News report, McCrimmon said in a statement Tuesday she could "imagine how hard the situation must have been, especially after a long transatlantic flight". In both cases, passengers were estimated to have been onboard the plane for 15 hours in total before reaching their final destinations hours late.

Eventually, one passenger called 911 - but the paramedics told the passengers there was nothing they could do, but they did hand out water.

"The responsibility for determining whether a diverted aircraft sits and waits out a storm ... or whether it deplanes ... rests exclusively with the airline", says Krista Kealey, with the Ottawa International Airport Authority, when asked about how the airport could've helped. If any of the above events occur, the Carrier may, without notice, cancel, deflect, delay or delay a flight before departure or en route, or may terminate it, "reads Air's tariff Transat. We also offered to bring fans to the aircraft to help cool it", said the airport authority.

In response to a frantic passenger whose pet was kennelled in the cargo hold of the aircraft, the Airport Authority coordinated with Canada Border Services Agency to provide water to the dog and ensure it was in no danger.

According to an Air Transat statement published by Kelowna Now, passengers were unable to disembark the plane as there were no stairs or loading bridges available to them.

Another passenger tweeted videos from inside the aircraft, which at one point lost power and air conditioning prompting reports that a child fell ill from the heat in the cabin.

Even though the new bill seeks to punish the airlines for mistreating its passengers, it does not make it mandatory for a plane to let its passengers disembark if an Air Transat-like situation occurs again.

"For Air Transat, this situation has created "goodwill" exceptional".

"We had a gate available and air stairs ready in the event that the airline made a decision to deplane", reads a statement from the airport.

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