Published: Sat, July 22, 2017
Economy | By Melissa Porter

Turkey seeks to cool row with Germany

Turkey seeks to cool row with Germany

He also said Berlin could no longer guarantee German corporate investment in Turkey and issued new travel advice warning of risks to German citizens there. There has been speculation that Erdogan is using the German detainees essentially as hostages in an attempt to force Berlin to deport Turkish citizens in Germany whom Ankara considers terrorists.

Turkey's minister of economic affairs, Nihat Zeybekci also sought to stem the economic fall-out from a growing diplomatic crisis with North Atlantic Treaty Organisation ally Germany, saying that German investments in Turkey were fully guaranteed by both the Ankara government and its laws.

Germany also stated it had begun reviewing all of Turkey's applications for armaments projects, but did not provide further details. The government offers such guarantees to insure exports to many countries, but Gabriel said that "you can not advise anyone to invest in a country if there is no longer legal security". People who traveled there knew: If something happens, no one can help you,"he added".

Germany on Thursday vowed stinging measures impacting tourism and investment in Turkey and a full "overhaul" of their troubled relations, signalling its patience has snapped after Ankara's arrests of human rights activists.

Turkey retaliated by banning German parliamentarians from visiting their country's armed forces stationed at the Turkish military base of Incirlik and Konya from where they were participating in the global military effort against the Islamic State.

But in his first reaction to the latest twist in the crisis, Turkey's president Erdogan retorted that Germany does "not have the power to smear Turkey".

Germany's domestic security chief said Turkey had been carrying out ever more covert operations in Germany, especially since a failed coup attempt against Erdogan last July.

Gabriel in a strongly-worded speech warned Turkey that Germany would hold talks with the European Union (EU) to re-evaluate financial aid the country now receives as an accession candidate.

Alongside the Finance Minister, several German politicians expressed support for Gabriel's speech and the resulting toughening of Berlin's stance towards Ankara.

Relations between Turkey and Germany, home to three million ethnic Turks, have been badly strained, particularly since the failed coup a year ago against Erdogan. Since then, tens of thousands of people have been arrested and more than 100,000 have lost their jobs in Turkey. Worse, however, had been observed when Germany and some prominent European countries granted asylum to Gülenists and their sympathizers who fled Turkey in the aftermath of the attempted takeover.

"There is no investigation about any German company, it's all lies".

He accused Erdogan of trying to muzzle "every critical voice" with mass arrests in sweeping crackdowns over the past year.

A security source told Reuters Turkey had sent German authorities a list of over 680 firms it suspected of supporting terrorism. Germany should quit the idea of punishing Turkey through economic sanctions and travel warnings as it should be aware that it would only further damage ties between Turkey and the entire Europe.

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