Published: Thu, July 13, 2017
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Tsai urges China to give Liu Xiaobo freedom to make medical choice

Tsai urges China to give Liu Xiaobo freedom to make medical choice

Liu was granted medical parole last month after being diagnosed with advanced liver cancer at the end of May.

Mr Liu is receiving dialysis and plasma transfusions. "However, the medical evacuation would have to take place as quickly as possible". Doctors treating Liu were in an "active rescue" mode, it added, saying they were trying to fight infections, correct Liu's blood pressure and purify his blood.

Mo Zhixu, a family friend, told Efe that as far as he knew, Liu and his entourage continued to seek to leave China.

The First Hospital of China Medical University said Wednesday on its website that Liu needs a tube to be inserted into his windpipe to give him breathing support.

Herman and Büchler visited Liu on Saturday afternoon.

"We hope relevant countries will respect China's judicial sovereignty and not use a so-called individual case to interfere in China's internal affairs", said Geng Shuang at a regular press briefing.

The hospital made the announcement in a statement on its website.

The renowned dissident and intellectual was hospitalised amid strong security measures around the beginning of June after he was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer following nearly nine years in prison.

His most recent conviction, on Christmas Day 2009, stemmed from his co-authorship of Charter 08, a manifesto calling for political reform and human rights in China.

He was awarded the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize in absentia for his work campaigning for human rights in China.

A more subtle effort to shape the narrative came this week when a video from Liu's hospital room emerged just as the government was saying that he was too sick to be transported overseas and was already receiving world-class treatment in China.

But even they say it is unlikely that China will let Liu go, which would seem like backtracking.

But in an editorial, the state-run Global Times newspaper said the video aimed to show the Chinese doctors' efforts to help him and said "Western forces are politicising Liu's cancer treatment".

The Chinese government has rebuffed worldwide appeals to let Mr. Liu seek treatment overseas, saying he is getting the best possible care from top domestic doctors.

Two foreign doctors, one German and one American, reported on Sunday after visiting Mr Liu that he wanted to leave for the West and it would be possible to evacuate him safely - but it needed to happen soon.

An earlier statement from Shenyang officials also quoted Liu's family as saying they were "satisfied" with his treatment in prison and at the hospital.

She said Washington was pleased that USA and German medical experts have been able to visit the terminally-ill cancer patient.

A prolific writer and longtime activist, Liu has been in and out of jail since the bloody crackdown on pro-democracy protesters in Beijing's Tiananmen Square in 1989.

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