Published: Tue, July 11, 2017
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Theresa May to discuss Paris accord with Donald Trump at G20

Theresa May to discuss Paris accord with Donald Trump at G20

His announcement comes as Trump is in Hamburg for a meeting of the Group of 20 economic powers, which includes many European allies that encouraged the president not to withdraw from the Paris agreement.

Two leaders to meet for one-on-one meeting at the G20 summit. Investors are concerned that a USA exit could have a domino effect around the world, yet no other country has said it will follow Trump in leaving the accord.

Huge protests against a state visit from Trump have delayed his visit to UK. Jerry Brown let it be known he was ready to do battle over climate change, vowing in December that California would launch its own research satellite if Trump cut funding for federal space missions.

Kristian Rouz - The G20 meeting in Hamburg, Germany, has produced a joint communique from the leaders of the world's leading economies, and the document provides further evidence of USA opposition to the climate change agenda. "She will say that we don't see any need for renegotiation - we support the Paris agreement because it delivers".

"After that step taken by America, the position that we adopt is in the direction of not passing it in parliament", Erdogan said.

"The growing threat of climate change demands an immediate and unified global response", said Senate Leader Kevin de León.

The president has declared his intention to withdraw from the Paris agreement, signed by 194 other countries worldwide.

The Trump administration's decision to roll back environmental regulations in the United States and withdraw from the global agreement has elevated Brown's profile on the world stage. The term was coined during last year's presidential campaign by the Democrat candidate's team. The UK government believes that a future free trade deal between the USA and UK is crucial to its future post-Brexit.

Celine Bak of Canada's Centre for International Governance Innovation hailed the wording as "a clear victory for the G20, which knew how to formulate a statement that could allow President Trump to re-integrate into the Paris accord".

The draft statement instead promises collaboration on subjects less contentious than climate change, such as innovation, sustainable growth and competitiveness.

Barry Gardiner, Labour's shadow cabinet minister dealing with climate change, called for a more robust approach on climate, saying the prime minister should "take President Trump to task" for his announcement that the U.S. will quit the worldwide accord to address risky global warming.

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