Published: Mon, July 17, 2017
Medical | By Garry George

There's a chance to see the Northern Lights tonight

There's a chance to see the Northern Lights tonight

Scientists say that a geomagnetic storm promises a spectacular Northern Lights show that Americans living in northern states like MI, or Minnesota can view on Sunday night July 16.

This is all made possible by a huge sunspot which erupted on the surface of the sun last Thursday, throwing a big cloud of solar particles into space.

What causes the Northern Lights?

NOAA said the best viewing times to catch the light show, clouds permitting, will be between 11 p.m. Sunday and 5 a.m. Monday.

For those us in the Valley, it means we could see the greenish tint of the lights. The sky lit up across the country and even south into the United States. The Northern Lights/Auroras are possible to see overnight leading into tomorrow morning.

Space Weather Prediction Centre The Space Weather Prediction Centre says a moderate geomagnetic storm will make auroras visible in North America between July 16 and 17, 2017.

Stargazers may have the opportunity to look up and see the northern lights this weekend.

How can you see them best?

Sunday night should be a good time to watch for the Northern Lights in Upstate New York. Coronal mass ejections create enhanced auroras when they reach the Earth's atmosphere, according to the Space Weather Prediction Center, which is tracking the forecast.

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