Published: Fri, July 14, 2017
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The Moment McGregor Annihilates Showtime TV Boss On Stage

The Moment McGregor Annihilates Showtime TV Boss On Stage

Neither Mayweather Jr. nor his dad took offense to McGregor's smack talk. I was facing the best pound-for-pound fighter on the planet, Jose Aldo.

They meet again on Thursday night in NY but McGregor's coach was honest enough to admit he does not think Mayweather will be spooked by the Irishman's taunts.

Referencing the 40-year-old's history of domestic abuse accusations and promotion of adult establishments, Kavanagh sent a truly bone chilling warning, referring McGregor as a dark animal from the boxer's worst nightmares.

Finally after all that, McGregor and Mayweather came together for another face off on the world tour as the cameras snapped photos to capture the moment ahead of the historic fight on August 26 in Las Vegas.

"He can't even afford a suit anymore", said McGregor. Cut my mic off? "You can't even read".

Yup, Mr McGregor was having a go at his opponent Floyd in Toronto - the location for the second leg of their world promotional tour (they had earlier kicked-off in LA).

"He has to realize, I've been here before", Mayweather said.

The Moment McGregor Annihilates Showtime TV Boss On Stage
The Moment McGregor Annihilates Showtime TV Boss On Stage

In an interview with TMZ Sports, Ward said, "I don't like that "boy" word".

And that presents another angle where the build to Mayweather vs. McGregor takes a drastically different and noticeable turn. "I think we do really well". I played it calm, cool, didn't say nothing, let him do his talking.

If you've ever watched "Rocky III" then you know there are no dancing monkeys.

The sell will continue this way, with McGregor playing the part of the popular guy, with Mayweather the aging villain, with the verbal bullying seemingly one-sided, because this sells.

"I'd like to sleep on it, but it took me by surprise", he said.

And finally, McGregor got down and dirty, bringing up past claims that Mayweather can't read.

And while the combo of Mayweather and McGregor are younger, more agile and quantifiably more handsome than Jagger and Richards, the guarantee of entertainment complete with the potential for a backstage boxing match is always on the table. McGregor, the UFC's best known fighter, last fought in November, an MMA Lightweight Championship bout that he won by TKO at Madison Square Garden, here in the city.

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