Published: Sat, July 01, 2017
Economy | By Melissa Porter

Sony To Resume Vinyl Record Production

Sony To Resume Vinyl Record Production

Contrary to what the children of baby boomers might believe, vinyl records are far from extinct.

Global vinyl revenue, meanwhile, is forecast to hit upwards of $1b on its own, and Australia has now seen a steady increase in vinyl sales for six years running.

One of the world's biggest record labels is going retro.

Sony Music Entertainment says it will start pressing vinyl records again for the first time in almost three decades.

Sony Music installed record-cutting equipment at a Tokyo recording studio in February, enabling it to produce the masters from which vinyl records are copied.

But despite the current popularity of digital music services like Spotify, old school records are enjoying a renaissance. If stored correctly, vinyl records could potentially last for centuries.

As The Guardian reports, a factory in the south-west of Tokyo will begin pressing records from March 2018, with the move announced today by Sony Music Entertainment. While that method is no longer the norm, Sony have taken their first step in bringing it back, as they have revealed that they will open a new production center in Japan.

Recently, Sony has been doubling down on its traditionally strong business areas, such as audio and gaming, while simultaneously slim lining and trying to make profitable some of its more challenging products, for example its mobile phone unit. Some former engineers the company had are now holding advisory roles to help pass their expertise on to the younger ones, said the spokeswoman.

Sony did not say what music it will release in record format.

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