Published: Fri, July 07, 2017
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Seattle Husband Fatally Shoots Wife While In Uber Vehicle

Seattle Husband Fatally Shoots Wife While In Uber Vehicle

The driver for the ride-hailing service said Cameron Espitia cursed repeatedly at his wife before he heard a boom. Espita sat in the back seat behind the driver, while his wife sat in the passenger seat. He initially thought he had burst a tyre but then saw Jennifer slumped forward and realised she had been shot in the head.

The Uber driver was scared he would be shot next so asked Mr Espitia where he would like to go to which he responded "just drive" and eventually asked him to pull over according to court documents.

Police said they found a small gun in an ankle holster on Espitia.

It didn't take long for Seattle police to track Espitia down.

At first, Mr. Espitia claimed that he had no memory of the events leading up to the shooting of his wife but later conceded to remembering the Uber vehicle and driver. The Seattle Times reports he told officers he couldn't remember anything between having ordered an Uber and waking up minutes before in some bushes by the side of the road, because he'd been drinking.

Cameron Espitia, 31, stands accused of murdering wife Jennifer, 29, as their Uber vehicle travelled through Queen Anne in the city's north west, according to the Seattle Times.

Cameron Espitia can be seen wearing a suit jacket during his arrest in Seattle
Cameron Espitia can be seen wearing a suit jacket during his arrest in Seattle

A Judge on Monday set the bail for Mr Espitia to US$3 million (AUD$ 3.9 million) who is now being held on the probable cause of one count of second-degree murder.

Espitia told police he was drunk when the incident happened and remembered nearly nothing between the time he and his wife were searching for a ride to the moment he woke up lying in some bushes, according to NBC affiliate KING-TV, which cited court documents.

According to ABC News, Espitia was employed by the U.S. Coast Guard.

"The execution and the style of manner that this was done gives the state grave concern", said a prosecutor. "I would not in a million years think he would do something like this", Felix said, according to the Times.

Defense attorney Kristen Gestaut cited Espitia's lack of criminal history and strong ties to his Coast Guard community as deterrence that he'd flee.

Facebook photos suggest the couple were married in the summer of 2013. She is listed as working for an insurance firm, while he lists no occupation. Espitia is set to appear in court again on Thursday.

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