Published: Tue, July 25, 2017
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Pennsylvania man OK with 2nd at main poker event

Pennsylvania man OK with 2nd at main poker event

After losing the lead briefly to John Hesp on Thursday, Blumstein won the most-talked-about hand of the tournament against Hesp to take a commanding lead that he would never relinquish. "When you play online in New Jersey, it's hard for any live pro to see even close to the amount of hands I've probably seen in the last two years".

At one point in the contest he was the chip leader - meaning he had the largest number - and came within a whisker of being proclaimed champion during his surprise charge for the £6million grand prize.

After a couple hours, Ott was down to a miniscule 32 million chips.

Although it was his first time playing in poker's most prestigious event, Blumstein had already racked up some impressive winnings and a net worth of several hundred thousand dollars. Holding Ace-2 offsuit, he forced the still short-stacked Ott all-in with Ace-8 suited.

Bryan Piccioli, who complimented Hesp's effervescent spirit on Day 1 and Day 2, finished in sixth place and pocketed $1,675,000.

The pair were the big stacks at the table, with Pollak not too far behind Blumstein with just over 73 million and everyone else with less than 30 million. The Englishman was in deep trouble - then virtually gone when an ace came out on the flop, and drawing dead for the ugliest beat of his life when a 10 appeared on the turn. Blumstein checked as well. Blumstein moved all in, putting Ott to the test for his remaining 55.5 million chips. He made it 7 million to go. Saout was correct with his assumption that Blumstein was simply playing big stack poker and looked to be ready for action after Blumstein called.

After a moment away from the table, Hesp responded with the worst call of his tournament: an all-in ship. Piccioli eliminated Sinclair when his pocket aces held up against Sinclair's jack/king of spades.

He has 226 million chips left, compared to current second-place chip-holder Dan Ott's 88 million and current third-place Benjamin Pollack's 45 million, according to ESPN, which is broadcasting the event.

Blumstein limped in on the button and Ott raised to 8 million.

"The worst day was getting down to the three", Gehret said. Ott went into the tank and called after about a minute.

Despite the triple-up, Ott was still trailing Blumstein by quite a margin, and he needed cards to fall his way if he were to make the comeback.

Despite the runner-up finish, Ott earned $4.7 million and isn't letting fatigue stop him from enjoying it. That brought the pot up to 25.5 million, and Ott had a little less than that behind with 23.4 million.

Despite his win, against all the odds, he has no plans to turn professional, but will return to Bridlington and presumably spoil his seven grandchildren with presents.

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