Published: Sun, July 16, 2017
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

PC sales just hit a 10 year low

PC sales just hit a 10 year low

According to data revealed by the Gartner, the overall all PC sales have fallen in the second quarter by 4.3 per cent from previous year.

In the second quarter of 2016, Apple shipped 4.26 million Macs worldwide, while this year, it shipped 4.24 million Macs, a decline of about 0.4%, estimates Gartner. The PC market in this region was primarily affected by market dynamics in India and China. Despite the slump, some 60 million shipments are still being made per quarter, meaning over 650,000 PCs are switched on for the first time every day.

According to the research firm, this can be attributed to a shortage of displays, solid-state drives (SSDs) and DRAM, which pushed PC prices upwards. The price increase "had a pronounced negative impact on PC demand in the second quarter of 2017", Kitagawa said.

Asus, which years ago was doing well in the netbook market, continues to see its PC business falter.

In the Q2 report, HP's PC shipments were 12.6 million with a market share of 20.8 percent.

She mentioned that in the business segment, vendors could not increase the price too quickly, especially in large enterprises where the price is typically locked in based on the contract, which often run through the quarter or even the year.

He expected consumer demand for PCs to remain under pressure, but saw potential boosts from the growing popularity of powerful computers for game play and sleek new Windows machines.

HP was the leading PC manufacturer in both the reports with Lenovo taking the second spot. Lenovo also suffered more in the United States with a 16.3% drop in shipments year-on-year. The strategic balance between share gain and profitability is a challenge for all PC vendors.

U.S. firm Dell was the only other vendor to increase its shipments, with an estimated 1.4 per cent growth. Among the top three vendors, Dell is the only vendor which can supply the integrated IT needs to businesses under the Dell Technologies umbrella of companies.

Makers of PCs and other IT equipment will be pleased to hear that worldwide spending on devices - including PCs, tablets and mobile phones - is tipped to grow 3.8pc in 2017 to reach $654 billion.

The major factor which hampered overall PC sales is a shortage of computer components, according to Gartner. "Amid some unevenness in market trends across the regions, the global PC market has continued to trend toward stabilization", said Jay Chou, research manager, IDC Worldwide Personal Computing Device Tracker.

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