Published: Sat, July 08, 2017
Culture | By Antonia Gonzales

Mode, Ultra Hard difficulty and more

Mode, Ultra Hard difficulty and more

These new updates were totally unexpected, but a welcome addition to Horizon Zero Dawn. The game doesn't indicate that you'll encounter many differences in the new playthrough, though it does add some facepaint options and new gear, contingent on finishing the more hard modes (our tested playthrough was on normal, so we didn't see the new facepaint stuff). In fairly standard fashion, this allows you to play through the game after completing it without sacrificing the items you've collected or the experience you've accumulated. This new level enhances the machines' senses and their behaviour patterns, and will also limit your health regenerative abilities, alongside some other tweaks. Updated versions of current weapons and outfits with an additional modification slot have also been added, making a return trip all the more enticing. The only option is for the player to go to Ultra Hard mode.

The patch is available now, and also includes fixes to progression issues.

Before embarking on a new quest you can manually adjust the difficulty level to your liking. What's more, if you decide to take the plunge into NG+ on Ultra Hard, you won't be able to lower the difficulty again. This update should tide the time until The Frozen Wilds DLC comes to the game sometime later this year.

Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the best games of the first half of 2017, and many players are still traversing every inch of the world in order to uncover its secrets.

New game+ added for players who want to play through the game with their existing gear.

Added support for all European Union and USA text Languages on European Union and United States games.

Fixed an issue for some players in "The Looming Shadow" where two guards would disappear after Blameless Marad speaks to them.

These include fixing the issue in Field of the Fallen where Erend would not appear to several players. When the player would perform a melee attack and use the Focus nearly simultaneously, it would cause Aloy's upper body to twist unnatural for a moment.

Guerilla Games is riding quite the positive wave at the moment, and it's improving Horizon Zero Dawn even as it works on the upcoming expansion The Frozen Wilds.

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