Published: Sun, July 30, 2017
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Leader of Irving-based Boy Scouts apologizes for 'political rhetoric' at jamboree

Leader of Irving-based Boy Scouts apologizes for 'political rhetoric' at jamboree

Normally, the proper target for outrage in this circumstance would be the president. She said had attended the event.

"[BSA] that was a disgusting display tonight", tweeted out a father.

I had the privilege of being on a jamboree national staff many years ago, and those memories have lasted my lifetime. "You should all be ashamed". "And I was invited to the party, I was very young".

On Thursday, Boy Scouts of America Chief Executive Mike Surbaugh apologized to Scouts who may have been offended by the speech. "That was never our intent", Surbaugh wrote.

Stephenson noted that every US president since Franklin Delano Roosevelt has been invited to address the jamboree and said the Boy Scouts leadership gave "a lot of thought about Donald Trump coming to speak".

"While we live in a challenging time in a country divided along political lines, the focus of Scouting remains the same today as every day", Surbaugh wrote in his letter.

Some parents and former Boy Scouts said they were troubled by Trump's remarks, which they likened to his speeches on the campaign trail, and said the president was not an appropriate role model.

"I regret the fact that the man just can't help himself sometimes", said Corey Viehl, whose son George was one of 36 local Scouts at the National Scout Jamboree in West Virginia. But then he kept bringing up policy and the 2016 election.

"Do you remember that famous night on television, November 8, where they said these dishonest people, where they said there is no path to victory for Donald Trump?".

Washington Post editorial writer Stephen Stromberg, an Eagle Scout, noted, "As Trump spoke Tuesday night, former Scouts on Twitter angrily invoked the complete Scout law: A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent". "And you know, we have a tremendous disadvantage in the Electoral College".

Presidents are usually invited to address the National Scout Jamboree, a gathering that draws tens of thousands every four years.

Discussion of the upcoming vote for a billionaire tax cut masquerading as a health care bill followed, joking with Health and Human Services head Dr. Tom Price that if the votes aren't there he will have to tell him, "He's fired".

When pressed on the issue, she again dodged whether the president should apologize.

The speech didn't go over well with many who considered the non-profit Boy Scouts a non-partisan cause.

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