Published: Sun, July 09, 2017
Economy | By Melissa Porter

Jawbone Preparing To Shut Down, Liquidate All Its Assets

Jawbone Preparing To Shut Down, Liquidate All Its Assets

According to reports, the Jawbone liquidation sales are taking place at the same time that a new version of the company is forming. Known for its bluetooth trackers, earpieces and wireless speakers Jawbone is said to be undergoing liquidation processes as per reports from The Information and The Verge.

The Jawbone name isn't going away entirely though. We're told CEO Hosain Rahman will move on to a new medical startup called Jawbone Health Hub that will produce health-related hardware and software services.

The fall of Jawbone reflects an overall decline in interest of the consumer wearables market. However now, the company has started responding to customers via email saying it has been "transitioning to a simpler care experience". The company, which was once valued at more than £2.3 billion, has not been active on Twitter or Facebook for several months.

Wearable technology pioneer Jawbone soon to be no longer.

Your Jawbone devices should still work after the company goes kaput, as The Information cites insiders who say the company will continue to service existing products.

It is to be noted that the company had earlier gotten into a legal battle with the competitor Fitbit.

Jawbone got its start as AliphCom back in 1999 when it was an audio technology company that was working on military-grade audio technology.

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