Published: Wed, July 19, 2017
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IBM's latest mainframe bets on end-to-end encryption

IBM's latest mainframe bets on end-to-end encryption

The new mainframe system, which can run more than 12 billion encrypted transactions each day, is created to address cyberattacks aimed at compromising financial data.

Until now, encryption has been largely absent in data and cloud centers - only 2 percent of corporate data is encrypted today - because current solutions dramatically degrade performance, and are too complex and expensive to manage.

The IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Index reported that more than 4bn records were leaked in 2016 - a 556pc increase from 2015.

The IBM z4 processor, pictured here in 290-teraflops configuration, is the first processor to encrypt all-data all-the-time-a breakthrough in data protection end the epidemic of data breaches.

Even where a business is running development, test and production environments on the same machine, there is cryptographic separation between the environments, Jordan said.

IBM says only about 2 percent of corporate data is encrypted today.

The company also said its encryption engine and key management system comply with Level 4 of the Federal Information Processing Standards. There will certainly be an upgrade cycle, but what's unclear is whether IBM can expand the reach of the IBM Z with its approach to encryption.

Payment systems pricing based on the volume of payments a bank is processing, not the available capacity.

Expanding on the recently announced integration of Transparent Cloud Tiering (TCT) with the IBM DS8880, mainframe users to automate the movement data to and from Bluemix, IBM Cloud Object Storage and Amazon cloud targets.

IBM is also now encrypting the application programming interfaces (APIs) exposed by mainframes as well as adding a facility that invalidates any encryption key if there has been any sign of tampering. "Encryption is the flawless defense because it brings the [security] back to the data itself". The centres are to be built in Dallas, London, Frankfurt, Sao Paolo, Tokyo and Toronto, with more planned.

The overall mainframe platform revenues come from IBM's base and not from new hardware sales. Performance also was boosted by a four-fold increase in the number of transistors in the dedicated silicon running the cryptographic algorithms, IBM said. One of the major features being touted is the simple ability to encrypt all of the data on the mainframe in one shot.

With new laws in place in the European Union, that will be a requirement. But because of the enormous computational power needed to quickly encrypt and decrypt information as it passes from one entity to another, many businesses use encryption only selectively if at all.

These solutions work with pervasive encryption to provide comprehensive data security capabilities to protect your information. IBM says it helps automate and streamline compliance processes, making it easier for organizations to deal with the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), as well as similar guidance from Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) and the New York State Department of Financial Services Cybersecurity Requirements for Financial Services Companies.

IBM is now there to provide that at the right place and the right time.

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