Published: Sun, July 16, 2017
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Google Play Music's 'New Release Radio' feature now available to all users

Google Play Music's 'New Release Radio' feature now available to all users

Until now, Google Home plays only free radio stations and accounts of other music sources which are linked to the device. This is determined based on your listening habits, so the more you listen to music with the service, the better the personalization will be. The feature utilizes machine learning to analyze the songs you already listen to, and it takes that data and creates the personalized radio station based on song choices over the previous two-week period. But the easiest way to pull it up is just to search "New Release Radio". That's a lot faster than Spotify's Release Radar, which only gets updated on Fridays.

The new release radio station began life as part of the Samsung partnership that was launched back in April, but began rolling out a couple of weeks ago. If you're a Google Play Music kind of person, then the good news is that they're getting good at that too with their newest feature, the New Release Radio.

Starting this week, New Release Radio will be found "throughout Google Play Music", and can be tried out by both free listeners as well as subscribers, globally. Obviously, this would be drastically appreciated by anyone using Play Music to stream music through the Home as their favorite tunes will be used as the main attraction.

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